What Other Guys Don’t Want You to Know: How to Get Hot College Girls

Louis Dubois

Louis here – I’m going to “red pill” you on everything you thought about getting women in college.

All the stuff you seen in movies?


Everything discussed in this blog report is founded on personal experience as well as the expertise that I obtained from my friends and acquaintances during college.

(I might mention, I got my degree in liberal arts at New York University.)

Ok, let’s get going.
Just be honest with yourself! You Want Hot Girls. Period.

Any fresh, healthy man who claims they do not need a sexual experience with a hot college girl is merely lying (or gay – not homophobic, just details).

University is just about the last time in your lifetime, after high school where you are planning to be in close proximity using a good portion of the other sex.

If you’re determined to produce them count, then ultimately, before you start school you’ll want to know these tips. However, if you should be likely to focus on your studies and occupation, thatis completely clear (and respected) too, I really donot need to knock you on that.

So long as you have a push to accomplish your aims, no-one and that can argue. No body must be knocking at another person’s hustle, regardless of what it’s.

Why rank just how to acquire it in college and issues
You’re Behind if You Don’t Already Know That It’s a Numbers Game

Whenever you enter university, essentially you want to strive for a school with a significant population (at the least 30,000 undergraduates).

The foremost is that you want the figures to work in your favor. If 5% of the college girls are now hot (and are the ones you are targeting), you don’t want to go to a college with a 100 women – then only 5 of them will be hot.

If you visit a school with 15, only one% and 000 females are hot, then, that’s still 150 hot women plus it still works in your benefit.

But additionally there is what seems like a disadvantage. If the student body is 30, 000 there is around 15,000 different attractive people you have to take on. However, we shall soon observe how you’re able to increase your status above the common and become one of the more attractive catches to compete for the hottest/cutest 5% of college girls. We will note that it’s not that difficult to be above average.
How does one find a college with hot girls?

You need to keep your choices as open as possible, so I suggest you connect with most of the schools that you are thinking about – that is, do not rule one out for x explanation.

Simply start to exclude colleges to apply to if your number is reaching 12 or about 10 schools. That is since itis harder to acquire in a good application for your university when you have a lot of to do. Also keep track of how much time you have.

A superb, comprehensive program should be completed within the span of at least 8 months – annually would be better. This includes the full time it requires to analyze what sectors, along with the school’s demographics, numbers it gives. Oh, and don’t forget, social life.

Search for a university using a large number of students

This means a with at least 30,000 undergrads. These are generally your flagship universities.

What things to be sure you do to organize before you start school.

If not, get these as soon possible accomplished, and put aside time in your plan for them.


Very basic stuff. Less alternatives for school, no-good levels, no good test scores. It is that easy. That’s what you want: options. You do not get into it, or it’s women, and does not seem sensible to focus your entire work on one school that you want to goto as a result of it’s academics and you are screwed.

Remember, it’s not that hard to get good grades and good test results. You can now take action, as long as they place in the task.

Remember this price:

“Hard work trumps ability when those with ability do not want to work.”

Status, true in all facets of life: women, cash, job.

Be in shape. Low body fat and construct some muscle – you should not become extremely huge though.

Check out our “how to eliminate excess fat information”. It also has got the advantage of removing fat round the bottom of the penis such that it is actually bigger and longer.

There is a lot of advantages to losing fat, which include:

More unquestionably more attractive, revealed facial features face.
Increased penis size – more base is actually exposed.
More energy within the evening, which could give rise to your capability and charm to communicate with people.
School girls can universially be much more drawn to you.
They can connect you up and you will network by doing this. Also, guys want to be connected with winners, not universal slobs.
Your confidence will increase.
Learn to dress classy. Edgy is a big plus too.

I get it. You’re a. You’re broke. Mom and dad are alsonot more likely to get you great, edgy clothes of wanting to attack on and sleeping with college girls with all the explanation.

However, make an attempt to discard up some cash, about $200 and spend money on some good trousers, and some shirts (collared, henley, and also vneck).

The concept is the fact that you choose out really good items which will last you for a very long time. You are not at all going to have a monthly budget to get clothes every month – not worthwhile.

You’re likely to be perceived as a broke college student, particularly using the girls, if you dress just like a broke college student.

The good thing is the fact that many college guys will not give their clothes a second thought, so it’s extremely simple to set yourself apart from here. However, you can quickly get in the wrong direction.

Get rid of the skin

Ok, you are going through or in the later stages of puberty. Acne and skin spots can be found, and you must eliminate it ASAP.

No, I really don’t suggest any items at the moment.

But the single- critical thing you are able to do to affect acne, blehmishes and red inflammation on your face will be to get your diet plan under control.

Personally, I Have never had real difficulties with pimples – my problems with pimples finished around age 17. However, I’d a big problem with my skin turning red and getting inflammed, and that I had no idea why.

Not just was it uncomfortable, but it made my cheeks fluffy and simply unattractive.

So one food from my diet cuts out plus it fully solved this issue.

The food I completely stopped eating was milk and milk.

The redness disappeared after experimenting for a week, actually just eliminating milk and cream.

The way you cut out certain foods can also be very important. You have to cutout just one food at a time to genuinely test if it’s that food that’s inducing the challenge for the skin.

View, you see an improvement, well, and should you cut-out two different types of food, it could be both of these ingredients which were evoking the problem – you won’t know for certain.

This idea of earning one variable change and noticing the results is also called split-testing or A/B testing – it really is an incredibly useful resource in many facets of self-improvement and life.

And make sure it reduce out for at the least weekly. Too small and you won’t have the ability to properly end if that was the issue.

If the event is not record try cutting sugar and other simple carbohydrates out. Don’t must be concerned about complex carbohydrates yet, try all kinds of desserts in this A and sugar /T exam to find out if that produces a difference.
There’s a social pyramid at college and you’re at the bottom.

Then you are sorely mistaken if you don’t believe that there is a social pyramid amongst the pupils at college.

Think of this social heirachy being an “supply” structure, not really much a bullying one.

Those towards the top of the pyramid have access to higher contacts (for jobs), functions, get-togethers, and above all, the hottest women.

Whois at the very top of the chart?

Hands-down, the “coolest” individuals at the very top of the chart will be the student atheletes. If it’s baseball, or a popular game like football bonus points.

Just how to improve your status whenever you arrive to college

So youare currently looking great, you’ve simple design, but you’re still at the bottom of the barrel (remember, youare 1 in 15,000). What would you do?

The one most-efficient point that you can do to improve your position to the college university would be to join a fraternity.

Now just for another, hold on to any negative preconceptions which you have about frats. I understand you may be thinking: “Why would I do want to join a frat? I am a freethinker! I can not be bogged down with a group-like that.”
Is Penis Size Ever an Issue with College Girls?

Really, to be honest, it depends. College girls can also be experiementing with their bodies and sexuality too.

I do know from knowledge and from what my friends explained that, having above average penis size does get you verbal compliments and helps your “retenion price” – the amount of situations they keep coming back for more.

Although PhalloGauge advocates that men puruse atleast a normal inch increase because itis completely possible, we are going to instead recommend you give attention to a few of the self-improvement issues we mentioned above.

That is because these would be the things you need to boost to actually give yourself a fighting chance at a chance in the room.

You may have the largest penis on earth, if a skin is smudged, you do not groom, you dress such as a butt, and so are yet another broke scholar – well, you aren’t going to get far.

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