An Honest Review of the SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Penis Extender Review by Louis Dubois

Why I would definitely buy this penis extender.

After confiding in me (took a significant few attempts and plenty of beer, lol) we came to a mutual decision: locate a safe solution, without surgery. SizeGenetics looked fantastic: value for money, a 3 week testing duration and awesome reviews.

I moved in with my boyfriend (yes, I’m gay) about 6 months ago, and sharing a bathroom is now some of those new routines we have to get used to. Whereas once we were living separately I was unable to sense any not enough confidence in him on a daily basis, it became obvious for me almost immediately that I became working with a very self-conscious man, who would refuse to take off his wrapped bath towel until we left the space, and who would accidently leave his “Penis enlargement tips” tabs open on the browser.

After 4 months, my boyfriend’s manhood is a lot thicker, harder, and longer when we’re getting down and dirty. He feels comfortable letting me see his penis flaccid – I know this because he happily gets changed in front of me! The instruction manual was extremely helpful and he was able to gain maximum results with no extra questions or blems.

SizeGenetics has delivered FABULOUS results – I couldn’t believe the size when he stripped down after about half an hour of giving it a go! The smile on his face had also grown, and he assured me that the unit is extremely easy to use, non-painful and “kind of like a bra but for men” (I don’t ask). He has not experienced any discomfort or side effects, only a much larger, more proportionate penis, and he is ecstatic with the result.

Our relationship has imved 100%. We are more intimate with one another during and after sex as my boyfriend is finally happy in his own skin. Thanks, SizeGenetics!

Where should I begin? This duct is the most effective male enhancement that gives positive results. I ordered the SizeGenetics 4 months ago and this has been working wonderfully. Let’s just say my ole’ lady loves the thrill she gets when we have sex. The penis elongation has made it possible for me personally to extend my penis to please my woman a few times throughout the night. Morning too (if you know what I mean)! Now that says a lot! At first, I was a bit shameful because I never purchased a penis enlargement duct through the mail. A friend of mine told me about the website I was more than anxious to try anything that would be an addition to imving my sexual drive. The price is affordable and can be ordered in the US. Most useful of all of the, the SizeGenetics is comfortable. Being a matter of fact, I have NO complaints.

Compared to many other ducts I have used in the past, SizeGenetics is the better penis elongation ever created. All is well so far and merely to let you in on a secret, I have just ordered another SizeGenetics to have with me on my trip to the Caribbean in a couple of weeks. I don’t want is without it. Believe me, if you try this you will tremble with excitement from the positive results you get from making use of the SizeGenetics . So what are you waiting on?

I had found out about penis enlargement techniques such as for example pumps you can use for penis elongation. But it’s so hard to find information about these things – it’s not some thing you can talk to your buddies about – and I ended up being scared about placing some weird device on my junk.

One of the things that made me decide to give the SizeGenetics a shot was that it had beenn’t some untrustworthy international scam, but ordered in US so it’s covered by US quality standards. “Let’s give it a go”, I said to your little guy. Boy, am I pleased I did. It is a small, comfortable device and I had no trouble following instructions. What amazed me is that I didn’t have to sit there plugged into the thing all day long. Instead, i recently slipped it on under my pants and carried on about my business.

I think I’m like a lot of guys when it comes to penis size. My partners have told me that I’m fine and that there’s nothing to bother about, but when I look-down there I can’t help wondering if the little guy is a bit too, well, bit.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure if it was doing certainly not by around week 4 there was a definite difference. My penis looked thicker and longer, and I felt a lot better about myself. Changing at the gym stopped being anything I felt embarrassed about, and my girlfriend.., let’s just say that she’s a fan of the SizeGenetics too. So we just want to say thanks to people behind SizeGenetics. Because of you guys, I’m feeling much more positive about myself and my body than I previously have actually before.

Why is it so comfortable? Here’s why I think so:

There are so many companies that offer false mises about penis enlargement success and it makes you want to just offer up. I have tried so many pills, exercises and penis elongation devices that performedn’t work, or had been painful and sometimes seemed kind of dangerous.

Don’t give up guys!

Without getting into specific measurements: I will tell you that I have had measurable elongation, and the longer I have used it, the slower my retraction time. Whenever I first started attempting buying things that mised penis enlargement, I tried a lot of pumps. I mean, they kind of worked, but they were rough on the epidermis and didn’t seem to have positive lasting effects. The SizeGenetics has finally done what numerous various other ducts claim to do. It gave me actual penis enlargement without discomfort. Thank you.

I came throughout the SizeGenetics and seemed pretty mising. When I got my order, and first opened the package I was impressed with how clean and organized everything was. It looked like this duct was serious, and therefore it was put together to actually do some thing. In a way, it had been a little daunting, so I read the instructions a couple of times and watched the DVD, until I felt comfortable enough to try putting it on. It took a little bit of time to determine how to do it right, but once I finally did, wow! I was amazed at how comfortable it was! (I am uncut) Again, it is going to take a few trials and error to see which glans sizer will fit right, and get your system down for setting it up in on (just how much lube, how to get into the glans chamber, etc.,) but once you do, it is worth it. It is pretty amazing how I can wear it for consistently for more than four hours each day without it feeling like its cutting off blood flow.

The results are indisputable – best purchase of 2016 that I’ve made!

I used to have a small dick. I’m so pleased that I’m able to say ‘used to’, because today it’s a lot bigger and my love life is a lot much better.

Therefore I started looking into penis enlargement tablets, ‘enhancement aids’ and penis elongation but there are many kinds that I wasn’t certain what to get and didn’t want to waste my time and money. I actually tried 1 type of pill and 1 ‘pump’ but both did next to nothing. Then I got the SizeGenetics and ta-da!, success!!

EVERYONE LOVES this machine! It not just made my dick bigger but thicker too! It absolutely was a lot more comfortable than the other device We used. The cost was definitely worth it, i could tell you that!

OK, I’m in my own mid- 20’s as well as though I’ve had a couple of lovers I have never been in a position to keep one. I’m a pretty nice guy but, and I hate to admit it, I had been kind of ‘small’. No girl ever told me that my small dick was the reason why she broke up with me but we actually heard back from a buddy of mine that dated a girl who was friends with my X and, well, she didn’t say anything nice that’s for sure.

I ordered it in the usa too to make certain that’s a advantage, but the fact that it actually worked is the reason that I’m here now giving a testimonial! If you’d like a bigger, thicker dick, the SizeGenetics is the device you need getting. Highly recommended!

Hope that helps!


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